Chillax Vape 6000 Puffs Disposable Nic Salt

Whether you’re looking to purchase a chillax vape or not, you’ll find that there are plenty of great options on the market. Some features you’ll want to look for in a vape include the ability to control the oil inflow, a 510 tank, and flavours. You can also look for a vape that includes an auto-draw system.

510 tank

Among the many different vape kits available in the market, Chillax vape 510 tank stands out from the rest. This kit includes a 510 tank, a refillable cartridge, a charger, and a rechargeable battery. It also has a patented oil inflow adjustable design.

This kit offers a preheat function. This allows the device to preheat before each draw. It features a magnetic mouthpiece that can be removed and replaced.

When you want to use your device, you simply need to push down on the button. This button will then light up when you take a pull. You can then change the voltage level by pushing the button. This device has three different voltage levels.

Chillax disposables are packed with four milliliters of delicious e-liquid and are powered by a 700 mAh built-in battery. This makes them convenient to carry and provides 1500 puffs of vape. They are also available in 0% and 2% nicotine options. They provide a smooth hit and are made of zinc alloy and have a brushed finish.

Auto-draw system

Pod systems are one of the most popular vape starter kits. These devices are typically very easy to use and are usually all-in-one devices. These types of systems work by using an air pressure switch to activate the device. This allows you to draw on the vape without having to press a button.

Some devices also feature an audio sensor that can be triggered by loud ambient noises. These are a great option for parents with young children.

The most common pod system is the draw-activated one. These are the easiest to use because you have to draw on the vape to activate the device. This type of system works best for people who do not have experience with vaping. It is also less expensive than other all-in-one devices.

The Famo Vape Chillax is a small and sleek box-shaped portable vaporizer that features an auto-draw system. This kit has a variable voltage control mode to meet the needs of different vapers. It also has a removable magnetic mouthpiece.

Swivel joint to control the oil inflow

Using a swivel joint to control the oil inflow is a cinch. The best part is that it s a no brainer. The only caveat is that the swivel may be a tad unreliable. A more seasoned user may be able to tame the beast with a bit of practice. Besides, the swivel has a built in drool proof lid.

For those with a sweet deal on an e-cig that screams vape, a little bit of finesse goes a long way. Those who have a taste for vapor are likely to find the e-cig of their dreams. Those who haven’t yet figured out the ins and outs of the vaping biz may have to rely on the services of a hulking hunk of muscle in order to eschew a booze-soaked night of revelry.


Whether you are a beginner or have been vaping for a while, Chillax offers a wide variety of flavours to fit your tastes. The device is made by Famovape and comes in a variety of colours and designs. It is a disposable device, which means you can throw it away after you use it.

The device is easy to carry and has a long-lasting battery. The pod contains 4ml of e-liquid, which gives you a maximum of 1200 puffs. This disposable vape provides you with a smooth hit and wonderful hand feeling. Its 700mAh non-rechargeable built-in battery gives you an excellent continuous power supply. It also has a 1.6ohm mesh coil to deliver an excellent heat. It also has a rubber cover that protects the air flow slot.

Chillax has a great selection of flavours, and the fact that they are disposable means you can easily throw them away. If you are looking for a good starter device, try the Pure Tobacco flavour. It has a pleasant base tone of vanilla and caramel, which will help to calm your nicotine cravings. You can also try the Fantasi Grape, which has a top note of orange soda, and the Lemon Cake, which has sweet whipped cream with lemon.