Top 5 Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are a popular alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They come in a wide range of flavours and have a lower nicotine content than tobacco cigarettes.

One of the biggest concerns about the rise in sales is that they may encourage younger people to start smoking. The EU is currently trying to ban them but they are still widely sold in UK shops.

Blue Razz Lemonade

Freshly picked blue raspberries are combined with a thirst quenching base of fizzy lemonade for a delightfully tangy and refreshing vape. It is perfect for a long, hot summers day.

This Blue Razz Lemonade disposable vape is designed for use on the go and offers a smoother and more satisfying experience than a cigarette. Simply inhale to activate the device.

It contains 2ml of e-liquid and a fully charged 550 mAh battery with no need to change batteries or coils. Its simple and discreet design will make it easy to carry on the move.

It is a nicotine salt-based e-liquid that provides a smooth throat hit and long lasting flavor. It is available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. It also has a 0mg option for those looking to cut down on their nicotine intake.

Strawberry Energy

Strawberry Energy partners sweet summer strawberries with a fizz to create a unique taste that will lift your vaping life. Its e-liquid contains salt nicotine, which helps relieve cravings and give you smooth throat hits.

It’s a perfect choice for smokers who want to transition to vaping without the hassle of changing coils or refilling e-liquid. This disposable e-cigarette has a built-in 550 mAh battery and 20mg nic salt e-liquid to provide up to 600 puffs of satisfaction.

Its easy-to-use design makes it suitable for beginners and nomads, as it doesn’t require any maintenance or messy coils. It produces up to 600 puffs on one charge, which is enough to last for a day of smoking.

Sour Apple

Sour Apple is a sweet and sour e-liquid with a surprisingly large flavour burst. This is a great flavour for anyone who wants a vape with a sour taste that doesn’t come across as too harsh or overpowering.

This e-liquid was also one of the first to offer a rechargeable vape pen which takes the stress out of running out of juice or battery power. The design is the perfect mix of mellow and fun, with contrasting colours that make it easy to hold and use.

It’s no secret that is a top-notch brand when it comes to quality disposable vape devices. Their new CR500 device is the latest and greatest from this company with a sleek design and a unique crystal glass bottle finish.

Banana Milk

Banana milk is a vegan-friendly alternative to cow’s milk that provides a good amount of potassium and vitamin B6 per serving. It’s also low in sugar and fat, which makes it a good choice for those looking to cut calories as part of a weight loss plan.

Despite being a relatively new alt-milk, banana milks are getting some serious attention from supermarket shoppers. They’re a popular choice among people who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to cow’s milk.

Banana milk is fortified with calcium, which is a great addition to a healthy diet. Some brands of banana milk also add vitamin D, which is another essential nutrient that can improve your health.


Passion fruit, Passiflora edulis, is a tropical fruit that originated in Paraguay, Argentina and is now cultivated throughout the world. It has a distinct sweet, tart flavor and is often used in desserts.

It is packed with immune-boosting antioxidants like Vitamin C, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. These nutrients counteract free radicals and prevent cell damage, helping you build immunity to fight off colds and flu.

These antioxidants also lower inflammation, reduce the risk of certain cancers and help you keep skin looking healthy and young.

This juicy vape blend combines the sweet and tangy flavour of exotic kiwi with passion fruit and guava for a smooth and satisfying taste.

The Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Elf Bar is a disposable pod vape device that contains enough e-liquid to last for 600 puffs. It uses 20mg nic salt-based e-liquid to give you a smooth throat hit.